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Happy Summer to all of you out there!

Hot and dry as Hell here in Texas this summer. It's a drought for the record books in this part of the country. I feel sorry for the farmers and ranchers. Wild fires all around add to the problems. Other than that Mrs. Lincoln how was the play? Well, we know it will rain eventually and the drought will be over. I just hope it is sooner than later.

I've been playing a lot of music so far this year. Trying to stay close to home for the most part. Fortunately there are lots of venues and private functions in the area that require our services. Every thing from Solo to Duo, Trio, and band engagements have kept us reasonably busy so far. Most of my Duo shows are with my old buddy Marvin Dykhuis, but when Marvin is out of town or unavailable I play with many of the great players in the Red Dawg family. Lately I've had the opportunity to play with a new friend and resident to Austin, TX, Jimmy Ruggiere. Jimmy is a very accomplished Harp player. He toured with Country Music Star Travis Tritt for many years. He's a great addition to any configuration we play in.

My old friend, Chris Wall and I have been doing quite a few shows this year. Mostly as a song writer in the round show with us and Marvin Dykhuis. It's been a blast to get Chris back out performing. He's had quite a bit of time off the last few years, but he's back at it now. Chris is one of my favorite song writers. He has written so many great songs over the years, but best known for his hit, Trashy Women. This one was recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker and then went on to be a number one hit for Confederate Railroad in the early 90's. We also have a new band made up of Chris, Me, Marvin and some of the best players around. We call this one: The Driftwood Texas Band. Mainly a band for private events, but will play a venue occasionally as well. This band does original songs from the 3 of us plus all the great songs we all love to play. From Country to Blues, Rock, etc.

Marvin and I are bailing out of Texas this month for a show in Ann Arbor, MI at: The Ark. This is no doubt one of my favorite venues in the country. Wonderful room for really hearing the music. Ann Arbor is a great town. I always love spending some time there in the summer. I call it a small Austin, TX with outdoor air conditioning. The weather is usually very good there in the summer. We've met a lot of good friends there over the years as well. Marvin will skip over to Wisconsin for a few days before heading back to Austin for shows here that same week.

Rene' and I are headed to New York this week. A couple days to visit with our old friend Winker ( is in the cards. Winker is one of the great music photographers. Over the last few years he has accumulated about 1 million photos of musicians in action. I'm sure there is a book in his future. When it happens you will want to get a copy. I know it will be spectacular!

Musically this year We're doing things a little different here at Red Dawg Music. Instead of recording and releasing a new CD, we are recording and releasing singles. These singles are available on the site as well as Itunes and all the major download sites. We have download cards available at shows as well. This lets the fans purchase just the songs they want or the full CD. Singles sell for $1 and full length CD downloads will sell for $7. This seems to be the way of the future. At least until some other technology takes over. The Other Side CD is only available in this format for now. We have sold out of this inventory and are contemplating whether to manufacture more or just keep this CD available as a download. There are still a few copies left in inventory at CD Baby, but not many. So far we have released the singles: Stranded at the Crossroad - written by Ann Marie Irwin and Danny Britt. This is a story about dealing with Cancer and the treatment that is so tough for so many people. Girl Next Door - Written by Danny Britt. This is a short story about a girl I saw walking down the street in Austin, TX. She made an impression! Look for more singles this year! I've been writing solo, as well as with, Chris Wall, Chip Dolan, and Marvin Dykhuis.

In August I'll make a short tour stop or 2 in Virginia with my friend Hilary Adamson of the band "The Flying A's". That should be a lot of fun as well. These dates will be posted on the calendar soon.

All of us here at Red Dawg Music thank you for your support of our music and look forward to seeing you all soon.